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Attracting Abundance: Meditations on Lakshmi

The meditations on this album, created and narrated by Constantina Rhodes, Ph.D., will assist you in attracting the sparkling, creative energy of Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity, and generating it within yourself. In each meditation you will be guided gently to relax, visualize, and experience the vibrant source-energy of abundance. These meditations are inspired by ancient texts, and to deepen your experience this album also features several tracks of original mantras.

Lakshmi, gracious goddess of wealth, beauty, prosperity, and good fortune, is the embodiment of abundance itself. Hers is the divine power that makes like sweet, rich, and deeply satisfying. This goddess appears as a lovely, radiant woman with sparkling eyes that emit a gracious glance. On a deeper level, Lakshmi exists as the undifferentiated energy of prosperity. This is the rich, divine substance from which all forms of wealth are fashioned. The divine essence of abundance is everywhere, within and without. By invoking Lakshmi and meditating on her, you can align with that essence and experience your own abundance, right here and right now.

We invite you to relax, get comfortable, and enjoy these journeys for attracting abundance into your life. The more you practice these meditations, the deeper will become your connection to their inner source, and the more you'll experience the energy of abundance.