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Intuitive Consultations

What is an Intuitive Consultant?

An intuitive consultant is someone who is trained in the spiritual art of expanding one's consciousness in order to receive spiritual guidance, and in the ethical art of imparting accurate, compassionate, and confidential guidance to those who seek it. By perceiving the bigger picture, an intuitive consultant can offer you insight into possible outcomes that may not have been known to you, thereby helping you to make better and more confident decisions. An intuitive consultant will offer suggestions based on information she has received, but she will never tell you what to do. We are all gifted with free will, and decisions are our own to make.

What is Constantina's background?
I am a Certified Intuitive Consultant, a Certified Teacher of Psychic Development, a Certified Seance/Message Circle Conductor, and a Reiki practitioner. I assist clients by creating a sacred space where we can access spiritual guidance. This is always done as a request, and my clients report that they receive the answers they need and often experience quite a bit of healing energy as well. No matter what the answers are that come through, clients leave a session feeling uplifted and empowered to move forward in their life.

As you've seen from elsewhere on this website, I have a strong academic background as well. I received a Ph.D. from Columbia University in South Asian Languages and Religions, with a specialty in Hinduism and the Sanskrit language. I've been a full professor with tenure and have served as president of the regional division of one of the most prestigious learned societies in the world. I've written several highly acclaimed books that offer large segments of my original translations of Sanskrit devotional poetry. I continue to teach as an adjunct professor of Religion.

Although scholarship is a rigorous and rational endeavor, I've found over the years of working with Sanskrit that in order to penetrate the depths of that sacred language, it's necessary to approach it holistically, prayerfully, expansively. There is a reason that the Vedic tradition considers it sacred. One doesn't engage with mantras and prayer formulas day in and day out for over a dozen years without some of the rasa -- the juicy essence -- seeping through and illuminating the mind with insights into embedded veracities.

As a professor of world religions, I'm familiar with many aspects of religious and spiritual traditions, especially from indigenous and Asian traditions. It is amusing and gratifying to have become acquainted with so many expressions of Spirit. Often this serves me well when reading for a client whose guides come forth and can be heard and recognized without consternation. The surprise and discovery is delightful. The client sighs and sometimes laughs with relief. Doors open. We connect with spirit. ... angels, devas, orishas, saints. And more. Come for a reading and you may encounter your own luminous entourage. How great is that?! What's even greater is when I express what I'm perceiving, and the client says, "I was sort of feeling this, but I couldn't quite believe it." An intuitive consultant helps to nudge those whisperings into your conscious reality, to help you to know more clearly what you "sort of suspected" all along.

Spiritual inquiry has always been a part of my life, and all of this works to enhance intuition. I have been blessed to walk several amazing spiritual paths. I've received mantra initiation in Transcendental Meditation; in Integral Yoga (from Sri Swami Satchidananda), and in Siddha Yoga (from Sri Swami Chidvilasananda Gurumayi). I have been blessed to participate in the Lakota Sundance and in countless inipi ceremonies. And I am grateful for my Hellenic heritage, both for its ancient luminosities who still exist in the continuous present, as well as for its majestic tradition of the Holy Greek Orthodox Church.

Spiritual work fuels the fire, but training in technique really brings the art of intuitive consulting to the next level. I am grateful to Rev. Nancy Castillo of Universal Harmony in Pinellas Park, Florida, Rev. Stephen Robinson and Rev. Charlene Robbins of the Holistic Studies Institute of New York, and Diana Muenz Chen of the Open Heart School in New York for their masterful teaching and guidance.

I enjoy a private practice and I also participate as a reader at various holistic fairs, such as the MetaCenter New York's holistic fair, the Spiritualist Church of New York City's holistic fair, the Universal Lotus Holistic Fair, the A.R.E. of New York's Holistic and Healing Fair, and the New York Shamanic Circle's Healing Fair.

I am a teacher of Intuitive Development and related metaphysical topics. I offer my own workshops and classes, and I am also a faculty member at the New York Open Center. I present mini-workshops at holistic fairs, and I've developed a series of workshops designed specifically for the yoga community. Many of these workshops focus on an intuitive connection with divine presence, most especially the goddess Lakshmi. These workshops are being launched in yoga studios in New York and other cities, and they provide an exciting combination of philosophy, intuition, contemplation, meditation, asana, and...community. I am extremely grateful to John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga, for his support of my work and for introducing me to so many wonderful yoga teachers and practitioners.

What happens during an Intuitive Consultation?
Intuitive sessions are a special event. This is why I ask clients to anticipate the consultation by preparing a written list of questions ahead of time, and to arrive as calm, relaxed, and receptive as possible. For my part, I spend time meditating and centering myself before sessions, and I provide a sacred space dedicated entirely to the client's spiritual wellbeing.

We begin with a brief prayer of protection and invocation of divine presence. Spiritual guidance begins to come closer to us, and we begin to expand to receive that guidance. Then I'll review your questions very briefly, to make sure I understand your concerns, and to allow you to make any clarifications. After that, I'll hold your personal object and meditate with it to tune in more finely to your energy. During this brief meditation I begin to receive impressions. I'll then address your questions. Often the answers weave their way around and don't proceed in linear order, but the questions all get answered. Often new information comes up as well. It is my experience that clients always receive exactly what they need. Most report back that the readings were 80-90 percent accurate, and once in a while, even moreso. We end the session with a closing expression of gratitude, releasing spiritual guidance back to the ethers, and looking forward to the next steps in life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Where does the information come from?
I consciously invoke spiritual guidance, which expresses itself in many different forms. Sometimes it is simply a psychic knowing, or information received through the "clairs," or paraphysical senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairscent, clairgustance, and clairsentience. This is usually accompanied by spiritual guidance -- spirit guides, angelic beings, ascended masters, family spirits, departed loved ones, earth devas, celestial luminosities, and more. Each client is unique and each reading is unique. I request the presence of those who can best assist at that time and for that situation in a person's life. We remember that whoever or whatever arrives is ultimately a mystery. We do not conjure, we invoke. In other words, we do not force or compel, we request with humility and gratitude. We aspire to listen with an open mind and pure heart.

Does an Intuitive Consultation replace psychological, legal, or medical advice?
No, though an intuitive consultation might indicate that certain of those areas need attention, in which case you might explore your concerns with your psychotherapist, attorney, chiropractor, or other professional.

How to set up a session:
Email me at info@constantinarhodes.com. I'll send you guidelines on how to prepare for your session, and available times to meet. Once we establish a meeting time, I'll send you a PayPal invoice. Payment must be made to confirm the appointment. 

We can meet over the phone or in person. 

Sessions are one hour long. Your investment is $225. 



• Seek the advice of an intuitive consultant when there is a sincere need.
• Be open-minded. Do not try to "test" an intuitive or come with a "prove it to me" attitude. Judge the reading as it is being given to you. Listen calmly.
• Don't make an intuitive consultant guess what you want from your reading. This only wastes valuable time in which your reader could already be answering your questions.
• Be prepared with a list of meaningful questions, written down to hand to the intuitive. This will help to stimulate psychic impressions.
• Topics your intuitive may tune in to may include: employment/career, love and relationships, family, friends, travel, spirituality, finances, education, and more. If you are so inclined, topics may include past lives and special insights on karmic relationships.
• Give your reader a personal object to hold. This object should not have been previously worn or owned by anyone else (no heirlooms), and ideally you should have been using it for a while. This personal object will help the intuitive to get closer to your energy and use it as fuel for the reading.
• You may also want to bring in photos. Intuitives can draw a lot of information from a photo. Photos may be of living or deceased persons.
• Intuitives do not see everything. However, they should tell you everything they see. If they see something negative, they will tell you, but they will also tell you how you can change or avoid the negative event. A code of ethics for a truly professional intuitive should embody the saying, "To be forewarned is to be forearmed." This is one of the great values of going to an intuitive. They can help prevent possible problems.
• Most intuitives are also mediums. This means that they may perceive information from your deceased loved ones. Your intuitive may refer to these people as "spirits." You may want to give your intuitive the name of your loved one in spirit, enabling them to tune in to the name and possibly give you a message from that person.
• Keep in mind that intuitives are human beings like everyone else. Intuitives are not always correct. However, most of my clients return for more readings because they are pleased with the high accuracy rate, the sense of compassion they feel from me, and the sense of empowerment to move forward with their lives that they receive in the spiritual setting of our reading.

(Adapted from guidelines of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches)

For legal purposes, it is understood that all readings are for entertainment only. The insights and guidance that come through in a reading can inspire a person to achieve self-understanding and make better decisions in life. A good book, a good movie, or any powerful work of art operates in a similar manner -- It can divert our attention from our limited selves and expand our vision, allowing us the refreshment of new insight.